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Paper Wristband

We are all familiar with paper Wristbands being used to identify visitors at any type of event or attraction. Wearing one of these bands will signify that you have entered the site legally and are not attempting to avoid an entrance fee. Built in security features also prevent the bands from being transferred and illegally reused.


Paper Wristband are the ideal access control for your event: they are budget-friendly, non-tearable and water-resistant. The adhesive strip to close the wristband is designed to tear when you try to open the wristband. No tampering possible! Would you like a more sustainable access control option? Then go for our litter-free paper wristbands. With these wristbands, the paper tab from the adhesive strip sticks to the wristband, so the tab cannot fall on the ground. This way you avoid extra waste and care for the environment!

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